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Mayors is an element of gameplay in They Are Billions.


Mayors are a special gameplay wrinkle that allows you to specialize your colony through additional bonuses. You receive a mayor when colonists' population reaches the 30, 200, 600, and 1200 milestones. You get two randomly selected candidates to choose from, who offer a variety of bonuses, from free units and buildings, through bonuses to productivity, to reinforced structures. The choice of mayor is largely determined by what you learned during exploration and the circumstances of your colony's location. A free great ballista might be useless in a well-protected location, but invaluable in places where you have a large, vulnerable flank and still a ways to go in developing one.

In general, when you pick a mayor try to keep in mind your current and future situation. Bonuses to the longevity of wooden walls and gates are almost universally useful, but will cease to apply if you tech up fast and get stone fortifications soon or have little in the way of wood available. Fishery bonuses are excellent, except on maps where you don't have a lot of water bodies, and so on and so forth.


Availability Name Image Bonus Description
30 colonists Chance Zeigler Bonus: Sniper Choose me as your mayor and you will have a sly sniper with the biggest gun in town at your disposal.
Geraldine Ventura Looking for a couple of brave rangers to join your ranks? This is one of the perks of having Geraldine Ventura as your mayor!
Fausto Will Bonus: Soldier It's your lucky day! Mayor Fausto Will comes with a soldier as his personal guard for you to use.
Paula Mount Bonus: Wood Wall(10)

Bonus: Wood Gate

Boost your defenses with Mayor Paula Mount. No need to "grease" her to build 10 wooden walls and one gate.
Ashley Dahl Wanna choose a mayor that makes you feel safe? Ashley Dahl brings extra protection to your town.
Ethel Dumas Shocked Mayor Dumas was chosen? Her free shocking tower will fry your enemies.
Duncan Friend Feeling trapped in local politics? No more than the infected will be thanks to Mayor Friend.
Allison Weed Bonus: Tesla Tower Allison Weed is an energetic Mayor, even comes with her own power supply!
Lyon Seaton Elect Lyon Seaton to the highest office. He will even provide the wood to build it!
Carrie Burley You chose Carrie Burley as Mayor? Bullseye!
Reyes Luckett You will prove to be a man with vision if you choose Reyes Luckett as your Mayor. The extra Lookout Tower that comes with her will also help.
Valentina Thibodeaux Bonus: Farm Eating what we shouldn't brought us to where we are today. Mayor Thibodeaux is a champion of organic food.
Winford Schmid Bonus: Quarry As Mayor Windford Schmid likes to say, "The future is not set in stone." But just in case, he will provide a good bunch of them.
Mia Strand Command Center: Food Supply +20 They say, "food is the way to the heart." It looks like Mayor Mia Strand is using it to get your votes too.
Zachariah Goforth Command Center: Gold Income +20 Clearly "money makes the world go round." Mayor Zachariah Goforth knows how to spin it.
Erica Keys Hunter Cottage: Food Supply +3 Mad about the 2nd amendment? Mayor Erica Keys will not take your gun from your cold dead hands.
Carmine Piper Mayor Carmine knows there is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.
Geralda Siler Mayor Geralda Siler is not lazy, she is just on energy-saving mode.
Carey Scholl Elect Carey Scholl as your mayor and you will feel her positive energy spreading all around.
Alyssa Lister Sawmill: Wood production +2 For that man cave you always wanted to build, vote Alyssa Lister for Mayor.
Dominique Meehan Take down that "Help Wanted" sign from your front door. Mayor Dominique Meehan brings in extra muscle.
Violet Lopes Mayor Lopes brings her weight in gold to the office.
Pamela Goodson Can't see the wood for the trees? Maybe because Mayor Goodson brought too much.
Normand Keenan Stone Reserves: +20 Start from a strong foundation with Mayor Keenan.
Dora Riddick Iron Reserves: +10 Mayor Riddick will leave you in "Ore".
Trent Gibbons Most politicians leave the vaults empty. On the contrary, Mayor Gibbons fills them up.
Eve Rinaldi Expand your horizons with Mayor Rinaldi.
Warner Pederson Tecnology: Stake Trap You wanna shish kebab some infected? Mayor Pederson owns the recipe.
Elvina Dwyer For big fans of "The Little House on the Prairie", Mayor Dwyer is your woman.
Jules Nava Tencology: Farm Mayor Nava is a good farm boy. He will teach you how to build one.
Diana Madison Tecnology: Market Make every day a market day with Mayor Madison.
Milan Sorrell Mayor Sorrell campaign slogan: "Put a bullet in their heads."
Laura Pettigrew Shooting for the stars? With Mayor Pettigrew, you will at least shoot some Infected.
Kendall Barrows Vote Mayor Barrows to empower your colony.
200 colonists Vern Knudsen Feeling cold? Mayor Knudsen knows how to warm you up.
Maggie Brockman Celebrate electing Mayor Brockman with fireworks. The Thanatos unit that comes with her will take care of it!
Hal Binkley Bonus: Sniper(2) Mayor Binkley knows how to hit the target when it comes to colony politics.
Edna Hatton Mayor Hatton brings the best company to the office.
Alan Fogle Bonus: Stone Wall(10)

Bonus: Stone Gate(1)

Some are suspicious of Mayor Fogle obscure construction business, but when it comes to protecting the Colony, he is your man.
Helen Heflin Bonus: Stone Tower(2) Vote for Mayor Heflin - a solid choice!
Jon Parris Jon Parris has a clear vision for the Colony.
Kitty Joy Kitty Joy will grind her opponents to bits.
Federico Lynn Some said Mayor Lynn didn't have what it takes to defend the Colony. They were dead wrong…
Nicolette Linville When it comes to reinforcing the Colony's defenses, nobody does a better job than Mayor Linville.
Isaiah Grubb Mayor Grubb knows a thing or two about efficient military expending.
Leonarda Carden Soldier: Salary -60% Want to save some money on your soldiers? Trust Mayor Carden's outstanding negotiating skills.
Harlan Harden Command Cender: Ressources storage +50 Mayor Harden really knows how to make the most of the space.
Oleana Barnhill Having second thoughts on that structure you built? Don't worry, Mayor Barnhill is here to give you the best return on investment.
Arnoldo Crutchfield Mayor Crutchfield is the golden boy of Colony politics.
Martha Artis Farm: Food generation +20% Amazing what Mayor Artis can make when it comes to food supply.
Rashad Lester Units: Building time -10% Mayor Lester's time management skills will really come in handy for your Colony expansion.
Lola Franz You will make good use of the extra gold that comes with electing Lola Franz for Mayor.
Vance Scholl Mayor Scholl may not look like a lumberjack, but he brings the lumber with him.
Sara Stone Mayor Stone honors her name. She surely won't sit in her office with her arms crossed…
Rocky Bratton Mayor Bratton is like a good plate of spinach, really rich in iron.
Noelia Blocker Electing Noelia Blocker as your Mayor could be a shock for many.
600 colonists Deon Vanover Eager to get your hands on the mighty Titan? Mayor Vanover can make your dreams come true.
Francesca Eason Bonus: Radar Tower You won't be able to keep a secret from Mayor Eason.
Lawerence Guffey Receive a free Executor if you elect Lawrence Guffrey. There is nothing cooler than that!
Hope Braun They say Colony politics are a trap. Well, Mayor Braun will provide real traps to the Colony.
Dan Juicer Bonus: Shocking Tower (2) You elected Dan Juicer as your Mayor? It's a real shock!
Fossy Dozier The Industrial Revolution is here! All thanks to Mayor Dozier.
Reggie Tyler As a former oil tycoon, Mayor Tyler knows how to get black gold!
Pamela Stockton Get the most out of your workforce, elect Mayor Stockton
Del Wilmoth Getting a Lucifer to work for less? Mayor Wilmoth must have friends in Hell.
Nathalie Lessard Mayor Lessard knows how to negotiate the best deals.
Newton Denton When it comes to cutting corners in building, no one better than Mayor Denton.
Devlin Hawkes Bonus: Power Plant Choose Hawkes for mayor and receive the power to defeat the infected!
Domenica Daily Dominca Daly brings the golden touch to Colony politics.
Sven Haraldson Mayor Haraldson may be a bit of a hoarder, but that surely will come in handy for the Colony.
Brandy Tarver Brandy Tarter knows what it takes to build a strong and durable Colony.
Galen Slagle Vote for Galen Stagle! Each voter will receive an excellent iron bar from their personal reserves.
Threya Jolly Oil Reserves: +40 Mayor Jolly brings some oil to the post. It might help to grease things in the Colony.
Marcellus Quiroz Want to see the enemy coming? Mayor Quiroz has the best technology.
Carol O'keefe Mayor O'Keefe ancestors worked in the iron mines. Iron is literally in her blood.
Darrick Messina Destruction and mayhem as you never imagined thanks to Mayor Messina.
Janet Mims Janet Mims has a sharp mind for politics, and she's even sharper when it comes to killing infected!
Jozef Urinov Bonus: Stone Wall (20)

Bonus: Stone Gate (2)

Are your defenses lacking? Vote for Mayor Jozef Urinov to keep those pesky Infected out!
Fossy Dozier Bonus: Advanced Mill (2) The Industrial Revolution is here! All thanks to Mayor Dozier.
1200 colonists Les Curtin Mayor Curtin has a saying: "Titans, like shotgun barrels, come in pairs."
Dana Pina Dana Pina will give hell to the infected.
Oren Cummins Victory is not an empty promise when it comes from Mayor Cummins. He has the firepower to support it.
Eloyse Cowan Keep your enemies in full sight thanks to Mayor Cowan.
Dannie Treadway It's all about firepower with Mayor Treadway.
Wildermina Freedman Who said you shouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight? Trust Mayor Freedman on that.
Burt Button When it comes to shock and awe Mayor Button has the right tools.
Vannessa Rockenstein Mayor Rockenstein's management skills will improve the Colony's finances.
Ambrose Martins Boosting your oil resources is a sacred commitment for Mayor Martins.
Coleen Westmoreland Mayor Westmorelad human resources skills will substantially increase your workforce.
Mason Kidd Build a Stone Wall around your Colony and Mayor Kidd will make it last much longer.
OprahDerrick It takes courage to go into a salary negotiation with the Titans. Only Mayor Derrick has the skills to succeed.
Jamel Cowley As a former mason, there is no better man for stone building than Jamel Cowley.
Hay Bradford If there is a word to describe Mayor Bradford skills, it is efficiency!
Shad Worrell Mayor Worrell is your man when it comes to squeezing that extra kilowatt from your Power Plant.
Roberta Nunes Mayor Nunes' experiments on biotechnology will allow your farms to feed many more hungry colonists.
Jökul Kamprad It's all about organization when it comes to maximizing space. Mayor Kamprad is up for the task!
Gyna Scoggins After years of fighting, Gyna Scoggins has proved to be hard to kill. She will bring that same quality as Mayor of the Colony.
Mike Mckeever To know Mayor Mckeever is to love him. The extra oil that comes with him also helps.